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International Trading Center & Investment Advisory We served you Worldwide Business Development and Trading Management Strategies ITCIA Make you Better Impression MBA DBA Courses , International Business Negotiation Strategies ITCIA Successful Business comes in the core of hardnesses ITCIA Worldwide Friendships Business Friends ITCIA

ITCIA , As international trading center and investment advisory company proud to present wide range of services based on business development strategies over international export and import , marketing , branding , Brand making , exportable product basket from the source of manufactures , besides of expert services in all of the manufacturing and producing aspects contains of design and executing product line , Feasibility Study of the project , enduser pricing strategies , trading , marketing , contracts , quality control , investment and invest advisory ,international exhibitions and seminars , leading trading and economic pavilions as services for handling international delegations , international negotiation and manage contracts.
Also ITCIA focused on import and export on targeted market countries such as Russian Federation , CIS Countries (Common Wealth Countries such as Republic of Kazakhstan, Armenia , Belarusian , ...) , China , GCC (GOLF Corporative Countries such as Emirates , Qatar , Oman , . . .)



ITCIA based on more than two decades of experiences , management knowledges in trading and business activities proud to present customized exclusive services to the esteemed clients as good as business strategy driving and consulting ,such as international trading , brand and marketing , investment advisor ,business development and export management besides of leading international events.

ITCIA concentrate on presenting new teaching and consulting services over global business marketing named IBN "International Business Network" to the both of individuals and business companies.

Sam Moeenfar CEO , Founder Who We Are ?
We are skilled experienced knowledgeable business developers who are creative, mastering of establishing businesses and startups around the world, Experienced brand makers and marketing researchers. According to decades of International Business activities, Trading and Professional Consultancy.
Irina Fadeeva Marketing Manager , Assistant Marketing Studies and presenting are one of the basic term keys for any business trading consulting features and business developing strategies. LGA Marketing Department focuses on International Trading Consulting and Developing Businesses services as an affiliate partner of ITCIA. Paul Wang International Relations Companies tend to develop their business, improve their personnel abilities and skills, how to keep clients and customers to being more satisfy? CRM progress! Customer loyalty and positive relationship, new Advertising methodologies, making International Brand, seeking for overseas marketing research, accomplishing marketing strategy, being professional on negotiation and contracts, interpreting International Trading and business methodologies, International Marketing study and strategies. Artem Saroian Legal Business Advise • If you wish to establish your business, develop your company strategies, need to have consult on doing International Market, how to setup your Brand, establish Social Network, make an advertisement? Dmitry Sukhanov Organiser , Meetup Management - Individuals consist of business, marketing and management students, employees or employers, self employs, entrepreneurship, Professionals, and everybody who wishes to make social activities or establish business trading JOB! Akhtam Yunusov Network Infrastructure Manager • Everybody desires to improve Social and business skills, personality management, lack of Confidence in public, getting shy or hard to make a relationship, feeling stressed and getting disabled to manage critical situations, being upset of daily life or businesses, falling in JOB depressions, several failed attempt of Interviews, hard to control your emotions, need self-confidence and having problem to say NO! Oleg Rybalov CEO , Founder Laser Group from 2007 leading a group of companies consist of Laser Trans Cargo, Laser Group, Laser Global Advice, Laser Trade, Laser Trade Food . By support and corporate of group of our companies we present and provide brilliant services such as International Business Trading, Import and Export, Marketing and Business Developing Services, Custom Clearance and Cargo Logistics, besides of wide range of Selling and distribution activities made us different.

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