Chamber of Commerce , Industry , Mine and Agriculture (Fars Province)

The Chamber of Commerce is one of the most powerful communication centers between the private sector and the government and, on the other hand, the Center for the Integration of Specialists in Economics and Business.One of the important goals of the room is training during work. In the world today, the economy has crossed the geographic boundaries of countries and targets the markets of the countries of the world. Given the changing conditions of the global economy and the different ways in which the challenges of international trade are confronted with, it is imperative that traders, in line with current developments, make better decisions and become familiar with the tricks of their commercial rivals, to the detriment of Do not trade.

The promotion of specialized knowledge of trade finance, the familiarity of merchants with tax laws, insurance, customs, currency and banking matters, especially in the world of trade, are among the important goals of the Chamber of commerce.
ITCIA  as a member of the chamber of commerce and active in the major commercial commissions, has been working on cooperation and guidance in developing a roadmap in the countries of the intermediate level and offering numerous services in the form of consulting and operational partnerships.

Chamber of Corporative ,Fars Province , IRAN

Chamber of Cooperative , as the most popular community institution in the cooperative sector, has devoted all its efforts to the comprehensive and qualitative development of the activities of the cooperative sector in different fields.

Cooperative's Chamber as one of the basic human rights institutions in most countries of the world has an important place and has an important and effective relationship with government institutions. ITCIA as  Management and Export Development Company has been working towards the integration of export products and brand formation in target markets by developing a customized roadmap to plan and collaborate effectively.


The TIPSY brand is a German, Dutch, and of its kind is one of the best quality flavored filters and quality hookah and E-liquid solution  products tailored to customers, especially in Europe and the Middle East as best of the rest of the globe.

ITCIA is honored to be a leading company in the management of commercial affairs and its exclusive representative in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, as well as in Iran, and welcomes the offer of cooperation and distribution of products in the area mentioned.

Slide TIPSY German Hookah MADE Inhale Simply , Exhale Joyfuly TIPSY German Hookah MADE Inhale Simply , Exhale Joyfuly

ZamZam Iran affiliated Companies

Founded In 1945 In Tehran, ZamZam Iran Co. is the first Iranian carbonated soft drink producer. the production was initiated By a single Production Line, And Now It Owns 11 Beverage Plants Across Iran As Well As Several international Companies, Which Produce & Distribute ZamZam Products Under Its License.

Our Company Has Developed the Most well-Equipped Beverage Concentrate Plant in the Middle East. ZamZam Iran Co. Has Had Significant And Effective Presence in Domestic And International Markets, And Present Over One Hundred Diverse Products Including Cola, Orange, Mango, Bottled Water, Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage Etc.ZamZam Iran Co. Processes Different Quality Assurance Licenses Including HACCP And ISO Certification And Product Diversity Is Our Highest Objective And Involves Every Aspect of Our Business. ZAMZAM Iran Co. Is Iran’s Leading Soft Drinks Producer. Popularity, High Quality And Product Diversity HasEnabled Our Team To Produce.

Now, with the cooperation of the ITCIA, the Zamzam brand business presence in the Russian federation and CIS countries and joint interests has been on the agenda, the Zamzam Group's large-scale network of products will soon be available.

Omran Tosee Fars Co. Public Joint Stock Company

One of the specialist holding companies and the most successful construction and construction company in Iran, which, in addition to numerous economic activities, owns one of the most advanced Dutch Rose greenhouses in the Lotus brand.

This product comes in a variety of colors of 22 colors and sizes 90 to 120 cm, which is classified as Super Rose class, of high quality and in accordance with international standards.

ITISA is proud to take part in a contract with the economic participation in the development, branding and export of the products of the company for the development and development of Fars, as well as management and development of other capabilities and services provided in the Russian Federation as well as the Commonwealth of Independent States.


ENOY brand products in Hamburg, Germany, are the world's largest coffee and beverage production center. ENOY products include instant coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, latex tea, ice cream and coffee. High quality cans and great flavors for lovers of coffee at home, at restaurants, cafes and supermarkets, and for serving cuisine every day. The choice of the best Arabic beans and the gradual and special washing method gives the ENOY product with a different taste and a balanced taste in your delivery cup. ENOY Coffee is a co-ordinated and sophisticated mixer of choice for the best quality coffee beans from the world's most prestigious areas and farms. Our main customers are the markets in Germany, France, the Middle East and Africa.

ITCIA is proud to be an official representative of the ENOY products in the Russian Federation and CIS Countries of responding enthusiasts to this successful and cooperative business. We are pleased to welcome any suggestion of cooperation and representation.


In 1996 our company, NIA SHIMI trading & producing co, began to supply hot & cold applied In this regard, we have succeeded in manufacturing, supplying and performing many national & international projects such as 28” pipeline project of transferring gas from  Iran to Armenia.

In 2007, due to increasing in customers demand, unbelievable development of our company regarding quality and quantity, fulfilling customer’s satisfaction and collecting confirmation of gas & oil companies, international RWTUV certificates, ISO 9001 -2008, ISO 17025, our production has increased from 5000 MT of wrapping tapes to 10000 MT and from 1800000 liters primer to 3000000 liters. Moreover we have succeeded to install the production lines of co- extrude 3ply tapes and heat shrinkable sleeve , two component epoxy primer , repair patch , closure patch , mastic and other accessories for joint wraps with 3 ply polyethylene coating . By producing all these products and following global standards, we have become one of the most important manufacturers of gas, oil and petrochemical industry equipment and we have the honor to be the founder of adhesive anti – corrosion tapes in Iran in short while.

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