International Trading Center and Investment Advisory

More than two decades of experience in foreign business affairs and foreign investment, as well as international trade presence in the form of holding management, has been integrated as Export Management and Development Company.

The main mission of the company is to summarized in four implementation roadmap plans as follow:

1. International Trade, Export and Import

2. Management and Export Development (EMC), Branding, Training, and Foreign Trade Management

3- Consulting and management of foreign investment

4- International exhibitions, specialized seminars

In the same vein, ITCIA has operated in the form of specialist and regional focusing. Based on the prospect of growth and economic and commercial development in the Russian Federation and Commonwealth countries (Caucasus), all services mentioned in the Russian Federation Moscow, as well as the Republic of Armenia, the city of Yerevan.

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Investment Advisory

Slide SANSAN ITCIA Affiliate Partner PTSP , Food Supplier & Manufacturer SANSAN ITCIA Affiliate Partner PTSP , Food Supplier & Manufacturer


Twenty years of experience in the food and processing industry and specialized activities in the field of supply and production today are the backbone of a company that has been present in the industry for nearly a decade and has shown a successful resume in the field of manufacturing and commercialization.

Today, the products of this company are traded with the SAN SAN (سن سن ) brand in the international markets and as a trading affiliated partner with ITCIA.

The variety of products produced by this brand include varieties of pickled , marinades, various jam, paste and tomato sauce with packaging and in various international standards.


Petrochemie Engineering & Design Co., Handel und Ausrüstung, Produkte

Das Unternehmen wurde mit dem Know-how und den Erfahrungen erfolgreicher Manager und Experten der Öl- und petrochemischen Industrie und dem Zugang zu internationalen Märkten, insbesondere in der Russischen Föderation und den GUS-Staaten, entwickelt

Der zunehmende Bedarf an internationalem Handel mit Rohstoffen in den Downstream- und Upstream-Industrien der Erdöl- und Petrochemie ist eine der wichtigsten Implementierungen und Ziele des Unternehmens

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FC.Angeli Italy

One of the specialty and luxury brands of the Fereshtegan Shoes collection, which has been registered in Italy and in all stages of design, as well as Italian shoes and remnants are the product of Turkey. FC Angeli brand and its products presented in Italy and the Russian Federation as well as VIP shop in Fereshtegan Shoe shop in Iran.

ITCIA as a business partner appreciates the cooperation and development of international marketing and foreign trade in products. In his development plan, he plans to open a gallery of handicrafts, carpets and artworks in the Russian Federation with the center of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Fereshtegan Shoes , Chain Stores

With more than 40 years of history, Fereshtegan' chain stores are proud to provide specialized services in the field of leather shoes manufacturing and sales as one of the renowned and renowned collections in the footwear industry.

This company is proud to provide sales services in more than eleven branches and complying with international standards in Iran with the center of Fars province, Shiraz city. Also, Dr. Fereshtegan brand is one of the professional and professional products in the shoe industry.

Diamond City Chain Stores

Diamond City chain stores with the center of Fars province, Shiraz city, is a successful model of management development and strategic strategy development in the chain stores industry. it is implemented in the Complex Market, in terms of providing services and the diversification of more than 5,000 items of goods and products. Taking into account the minimum consumer price pattern, it has been able to gain popularity and position, as well as a trading partner and credit backer in supplying goods and in order to create opportunities for export brands with ITCIA and to communicate with domestic producers.



Sina Salamat Pars Co., with the aim of helping to improve the quality, development and supply of medical equipment and health products in line with the advances of the world day and the needs of society, with the capital of expertise and experience in the fields of medical equipment, herbs, organic products and Cosmetics.

One of the main activities of this company is a specialized study and participation in the process of manufacturing and packaging medicinal herbs in the form of dehydration, organic products and vegetable oils and cosmetic products.

The company operates in Iran with the center of Shiraz and the Russian Federation, Moscow, as well as the representation of specialized medical products, including the product of ORTOKINE from the German ORTOGEN Company and Blood Stop from the United States.

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