Definition of investment projects

Identifying and introducing investment opportunities, especially in the field of consulting and foreign investment services, is one of the goals of ITCIA, which, with more than a decade of experience in its field of management, is committed to giving customers and applicants valuable advisory services and regulations. .

In the direction of economic and commercial development, with the formation of a homogeneous and capable group, the strategic management of the defined projects has been developed and, in the same vein, with the credibility of the achieved conditions of cooperation and participation will be created more than ever.

Access to human capital resources and bank credits in the international arena is definitely a potentially valuable asset.

Services of financing of funds and capital

One of the other services presenting by ITCIA due to the relevance and credibility of international markets, it is possible to attract investors and participate in well-defined projects with sufficient documentation, including technical and economic justification.
In this regard, the investment department has acted as a committed advisor to the validation and verification of economic projects and customers, considers report of business studies and credit rating analysis that shown the possibility of project succeed , the methodology of participation will define.

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