Creating an International Trade Mark

Today, the world's largest share of sales and customer attraction is associated with credible and well-known brands, which account for more than 70% of market share.

In contrast to indigenous and local products outside the international market, the share of the average is 23%, and the remaining 7% is allocated to anonymous products, and sometimes low-quality imported products or non-originating goods.

ITCIA proudly provide specialized services in creating a portfolio of branded products, and is committed to providing consulting, marketing, and trading services in the target market.

Create and Identify Export Opportunities

Identifying the opportunities and potential of exports in the target countries requires the introduction of a powerful brand consisting of different items and varieties of quality products with international standards and definition of selected products and goods in the basket .In the absence of a diverse portfolio of products, the power of negotiation and bargaining raising creates a double competitive power.

ITCIA is fully prepared to accept products and provide specialized consulting services for standardization and packaging in the target market countries in the form of a partnership agreement or business corporation with obtaining an exclusive representation on the chosen agenda.

Implementation of supplies of raw materials, import of goods

Trade in simple terms, define as exporting and sending goods towards of importing required material and products, it is obviously necessary to identify the opportunities of domestically inquiries as it benefits not only from the benefits associated with the export business, but also the mutual exemptions so there is a minimum requirement for currency turnover and money transfers.
Specialists refer this to issuing as keeping trade balance , and one of the tasks of management and export development companies same as ITCIA is planning and creating the appropriate infrastructure to create this balance.

Based on this vision, ITCIA is fully prepared to meet the needs of industries and factories in supplying raw materials, and collaborate and participate in import quotas, and welcomes the traders to be a part of this trading balance.

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