Business Development Management Company (BDMC)

Export Management Company (EMC)

Based on our mission, knowledge and valuable experiences from years of international business and investment activities in the business markets, ITCIA as a BDMC and EMC can contribute for purposes of making worldwide businesses and increase trading capacities.

In the same vein, with the backing of two decades of international trade experiences and international investments and specialized know-how, the management and inclination to provide a strategy and plan for presence in international business markets in the form of BDMC or EMC contracts.

ITCIA by presenting partnership or joint contract with the active well known and reputable foreign companies in the fields of legal and accounting services based on mutual agreements in the target business markets, proudly providing all of the mentioned services to the customers and applicants.

ITCIA Services come as follow:

International Events, Exhibitions, Congresses, Conferences, Business Delegations

Managing and registration of business delegations to the international events and conferences, Business Visa services, Flight tickets, Transfer, Hotel Booking, Sightseeing and visiting, Business meetings, establishing Business packages Tours

International Business Training and professional skill Courses

Establishing International Training Skill Courses for Professional Business Companies, Solo Business Traders, Directors and Managers consist of Negotiation Strategies, Correspondences and Legal Contracts, International Trading Strategy, Professional Export and Import Terms, Successful Business Plan.

Developing Business Marketing Study, International Advisory

Presenting Businesses and products by Our professional marketing Team to the foreign companies besides of wide range of services such as marketing researches, Trading Consulting, Selling Contracts

Residential Office Services

Promotion and Presenting the Products of Overseas Companies in Target Market by sharing our facilities and potentials, Office Services, Hot and Cold Line Services

Specialty Brand Services, Product Basket

 One of the most important pillars of success in the world of international trade is the integration and quality assimilation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the form of a single brand.

(SME , Small Medium Enterprise Company)

ITCIA define it's marketing road map with the best brand representation as the form of products basket in target markets with plan from root to top of the international business model including identification and classification of industrial and production units, systematic  quality control and product quality control, standardization and monitoring final process of production and packaging, and ultimately aggregate production under the name of brand and commerce in the defined basket category are carried out.

Managing of business turnover in trading process and sale process with securing the commodity of the products is the last defined process of trading road map must be considered.

International specialized brand management services

Brand management based on industry type, the annual budget allocation for branding and marketing activities, as well as the nature of the brand can be different. In the world of international trade, you are responsible for managing the most important assets of the organization, namely the brand, and not a successful brand It only increases profitability for the company, but by building a good relationship with its customers (customer loyalty), it will strengthen its business growth even when the economic challenges affect the community.

Brand management is not merely a product of the brand and not of the brand, but of its distinctive features to demonstrate the competitive advantage of the brand compared with competitors to customers, the continuous expression of brand values ​​through advertising and information, and how to believe the target market In the case of brand values, all of which are to be considered as the brand management terms.

Specialized Business Development Services for International Target Markets

Today in the world of international trade, a powerful trading group consisting of all elements necessary to complete the process of production cycle to trade, taking into account the very important factors, such as the specialized team of standardization and quality control of production, packaging and design with purpose aggregation of products in a diverse range of goods could have the commercial stability and supply power in the target countries market.

ITCIA as business management and development company is proud to serve as the executive partner alongside you to complete the product portfolio and create a business roadmap for marketing and trading in the target countries.

Creating an International Trade Mark

Developing a roadmap for designing and registering brands that are consistent with the culture and structure of the target market, with the backing of standard and quality products in the form of a wide range of products in the basket, is a valuable basis for the emergence of a strong brand.

  International Business Marketing and Trading

The powerful supply and marketing of a wide portfolio of branded products and the use of marketing and sales methodologies brings commercial negotiation power and added competitive power.

  Target market countries

Correct targeting of an international business marketing by considering factors such as growth rates, labor, life expectancy, business rank, GDP, population, geography, and politics is definitely a good investment for the future.

  Standard and diverse portfolio of quality products

Creating a diverse portfolio of standard and quality products in the form of a brand, and the planned presence in the target market will have the potential to play a competitive and decisive role.

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