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Zamzam Company started its activity in 1926 with the establishment of the first carbonated beverage production company called Zamzam Tehran.Zamzam has significantly expanded its activities in recent years. Initially, it started with a production line and now 13 companies in different cities of Iran, as well as several foreign companies in other countries under the license of Zamzam Iran, produce different Zamzam products. Since the most modern extraction unit in the Middle East belongs to Zamzam Iran, it can produce drinks with various flavors.

Mineral water produced in Zamzam is from the source of Sahand Mountains, which lacks nitrate and nitrite and is light. Mineral water is a combination of different minerals such as magnesium and potassium. No chemical processes are performed on this natural water and this water is packaged directly.

One of the types of drinks of Zamzam Company, which is in the line of health products, is basil seed drink, and its health-promoting properties are due to the presence of basil seeds. In the production process of this product, pasteurization is used and this product does not contain any additives and preservatives.

ITCIA , Exclusive Agent Distributer 
Russian Federation , Republic of Kazakhstan

Alis Production Group is one of the largest producers of beverages in Iran. Alis, offers its products including carbonated drinks, carbonated and non-carbonated buttermilk, mineral water, drinking water and carbonated juices, relying on technical knowledge and technology with the highest European standards.also Alis Produces 12 different flavors of beer for each type of taste.
Malt beer Alis coffee is one of the newest flavors of malt beer, which can be a new experience, especially for people who like coffee. In addition to boosting energy levels and alertness, high-flavored malt beer has other benefits such as fat burning and Alzheimer's prevention.
Sparkling blueberry juice is made from blueberry extract, which is a flowering plant with berry-like fruits in dark blue or purple. This fruit is one of the most delicious summer fruits that comes from North America and has an effective role in promoting brain function, preventing cancer and softening dry skin.

Relying on technical knowledge and the best technologies in the world, as well as producing products with the highest quality and international standards, Alis Group of Manufacturing Factories has been able to occupy a significant share of the regional countries' market in the field of beverages.

Snack Boss , Pistachio Brand
Russian Federation , Republic of Kazakhstan

from 2020 our new brand named "Snack Boss" presented in the stylish packing for the first time in the Russian market. the pistachio products with five different tastes consists of Roasted Pistachios as Soft Salt , Sea Crystal Salt, Chili , Saffron and Basil.
Snack Boss served in 40 , 90 , 150 , 200 , 300 gram packing besides of special packed for whole sellers and restaurants as 500 , 1000 and 5000 gram.

Our Pistachios were chosen from one of the best Iranian pistachio farms that never meet any chemical fertilizer and grown in complete natural and safe environment.

Snack boss Pistachios belongs to the long type of Iranian pistachios that also known as the most expensive and exclusive one,

Akbari belongs to the long type of Iranian pistachios, it is also known as the most expensive and exclusive type among all Iranian pistachios. One of the characteristics that differentiate this type to the other Iranian pistachios is the height of head and is equal in length. Akbari pistachios are available in different sizes: 20-22, 22-24, 24-26, and 26-28.
Ahmad Aghaei (AA) is also one of long type of Iranian pistachios and the characteristics of this type can be described as long shape but the lengths size is not always equal. This type Iranian pistachio is the most favorable type in eastern Asia in particular China also in India. AA pistachios are available in various sizes: 20-22, 22-24, 24-26, 26-28, 28-30, and 30-32.

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