ITCIA ,"International Trade Center and Investment Advisory" Company is proud to provide international services in matters related to trade development and management, specialized branding and international exports, as well as management in the formation of standard export product portfolio, export of technical and engineering services, commercialization, branding, marketing Includes international marketing and marketing, negotiation and conclusion of commercial contracts with chain stores, preparation and documentation of business roadmap, consulting and management and raising capital in defined projects, investment consulting and participation in economic and commercial projects, Conducting specialized exhibitions, conferences and international educational and managerial seminars, as well as sending trade and economic delegations.

The focus of the company's economic and trade activities is on the development of specialized imports and exports with the Russian Federation and other countries of common interest (Republic of Kazakhstan, Armenia, ...) as well as cooperation with international technical and engineering companies and the development of a new roadmap for the strategy. Is foreign trade.



ITCIA With more than two decades of International experience and knowledges in trade and business activity fields, the company's focus are on the business strategy development and professional trade activities besides of exporting  technical and engineering services.

ITCIA has not only try to formulating  trade road map and development strategy from Iran to Russia, but also plans to expand cooperation partnership with the biggest business and knowledgable companies operating in Russia that may interested to do activities in Iran.

Also ITCIA signed contracts to hiring and employing skilled and specialized technical personnel in oil and gas and petrochemical projects, as well as IT code developers.


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